Clean Air Zone Map
Clean Air Zone Map

Sheffield’s Clean Air Zone will launch on February 27, 2023, with the roll out of financial support measures starting from December 12, 2022.

Clean Air Zone go-live date

From February 27th, the Class C Clean Air Zone will begin charging non-compliant vehicles. Charges will apply to the following vehicle types that do not meet the minimum standards when entering the Clean Air Zone boundary:

  • Taxis, including both hackney carriages and private hire vehicles, which are below Euro 6 Diesel or Euro 4 Petrol standards
  • Light goods vehicles (LGVS) such as vans, campervans and pickup trucks and minibuses which are below Euro 6 Diesel or Euro 4 Petrol standards
  • Buses and coaches which are below Euro 6 Diesel standards
  • Heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) which are below Euro 6 Diesel standards


Private cars will not be charged.


Financial support launch date

From December 12, 2022, financial support to assist those affected by the charges will be launched. Eligible businesses and residents may be able to apply for financial support to upgrade to cleaner vehicles.

The financial support measures will be available in the form of a grant, an interest subsidised loan or a mix of the two, details of the financial support packages will be available on the Sheffield City Council Clean Air Zone website. Labour councillors have worked with government to secure one of the most generous financial support packages available and insisted that all local light-goods vehicles (LGVs) and Taxi Hackney Carriages will be exempt until 05 June 2023 to help drivers upgrade vehicles.

In light of the cost-of-living crisis, the potential incoming changes to taxi licensing in Sheffield, and the current difficulties with buying a compliant LGV, Labour councillors have also secured additional local exemptions from government. As such there will be a delay in charging local LGVs and Hackney Carriage taxis until 05 June 2023.


Council Leader Terry Fox Statement:

“Sheffield currently has illegal levels of air pollution. This affects all of us. It is particularly felt by children and the vulnerable and it reduces life expectancy and causes premature death.

“It is a serious issue that requires serious action. We have sought to enact highway measures where we can to improve air quality, but this is not enough, and we are legally mandated by government to enact a Clean Air Zone.

“Labour councillors are committed to delivering cleaner air for all of Sheffield, but we have always maintained that this must be done fairly, and not penalise Sheffielders unduly. Though the council must enact a Clean Air Zone, we have been resolute in ensuring that private cars won’t be charged.

“This contrasts with the Green Party who want to charge private cars for driving in the centre.

“We have also spent years developing with government financial support to provide one of the most generous packages available.

“The cost of living crisis is always at the forefront of our minds, and we have worked hard to ensure that all local light-good vehicles (LGVs) and all Taxi Hackney Carriages will be exempt until 05 June 2023.

“Labour councillors are aware there has been lots of speculation about the future of the Clean Air Zone. We’ve wanted to provide clarity as soon as we could – but have only recently secured these local exemptions from government in delaying charging LGVs and taxis.

“There is uncertainty around future changes to taxi licensing policy, meaning many taxi drivers don’t have the necessary time to make an upgrade. We’ve heard what the taxi trade has told us and fought to secure more time for them to make the upgrades they need.

“We’re delighted we’ve secured this. Both the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party wanted CAZ to go-live in February without these local exemptions being explored, but we’ve fought for Sheffielders and secured this additional local exemption to help give people more time to upgrade.

“It also worth noting that anyone showing they have ordered a compliant vehicle won’t be charged if they’re waiting for one.

“These exemptions will not affect the speed by which we clean up the city’s air and reach legal air quality levels.

“Labour is committed to cleaning-up the city’s air but doing so fairly for hardworking people. We have to enact a Clean Air Zone but we have secured one of the most generous support packages in the country to help people make the required upgrades.

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